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Profiling a ‘star baker’ wheat variety


Crop breeding and research company, KWS UK, wished to gain profile for its new bread-making wheat variety KWS Zyatt. The variety offers several benefits over other bread-making wheats including the ability to be used for specialist bread products including, brioche rolls, pizza bases, sandwich thins and bagels. KWS wanted to communicate this to arable farmers before the main seed purchase period.


KWS Zyatt has competition from other bread-making wheat varieties, including a strong market-leader. With Zyatt being new and only trialled with limited growers, Hornbeam had to create a point of difference for the variety. KWS were to have a presence at Cereals, a national arable trade show, which provided a good opportunity to communicate with farmers.


Our strategy for getting KWS Zyatt noticed included linking the wheat variety with a ‘star baker’, Paul Jagger, quarter finalist in the Great British Bake-Off television series in 2015 and well-know for creating his lion bread.

Content was created for a paid advertorial in national weekly farming publication Farmers Weekly, which explained the benefits of the variety - both agronomic and end-market - with a quote from a product developer at Rank Hovis, who had tested the wheat’s bread-making abilities, and endorsed by Paul Jagger.

A series of Q&A videos were produced, covering key benefits of the variety and promoted via KWS’ social media channels.

We arranged a press briefing on the KWS stand at the Cereals Event where Paul Jagger launched KWS Zyatt as a new ‘star baker’ and answered questions from the media and farmers.  He brought the benefits of the new bread-making wheat variety to life, highlighting the advantages to the home baker and professional bakeries. This generated significant coverage in key agricultural media, reaching farmers making seed buying decisions.

The videos of Paul discussing the benefits of KWS Zyatt were used as a teaser before his appearance at Cereals, and longer edits shown on large screens on the KWS stand. These served to create interest and conversation amongst visitors and marked the variety out from its competitors.

Images from the filming and event are being used throughout the year in sponsored and editorial features in key target media as well as customer newsletters.