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Merial Animal Health - Ruminant

Calf health information - simplifying the complex


Merial Animal Health (now part of Boehringer Ingelheim) is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company. To support the launch of Merial's Bovalto vaccine we were tasked with bringing together complex research data, calf health information and vaccine protocols and turning it into an easy-to-understand, informative advice booklet for beef and dairy cattle farmers.


Research data isn't very easy to digest. We needed to find a way to communicate key facts and figures around the impact of calf pneumonia and make it relevant to dairy and beef farmers. Infographics played a role in presenting statistics in an visual way, while splitting the health information into smaller chunks, made it easier to take in the information without being overwhelmed. Check lists and tick boxes made it clear what important actions farmers could take to improve overall calf health and lessen the risk of respiratory disease. Finally, as the needs and production processes of dairy and beef farms are slightly different, we created a separate calf guide for each.


The calf guides have enabled the Merial sales team to provide information to farmers through their trade account customers, including farm stores and veterinary practices. The guides are helping to inform cattle farmers about calf pneumonia while also making the case for vaccination. Vaccinating calves can improve their health and productivity, and is the underlying principle behind Merial's new campaign #CALFMATTERS which we are also supporting through public relations.

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